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Paul Chaplo earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual arts
Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography

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Portfolio of Recent Personal Photography

These images are different than the others on my site. Rather than being commercial assignments, they are my personal work. Interestingly enough, some commercial clients enjoy these images to see my style, composition skills and creative vision. 

My background in traditional visual art disciplines -- drawing, painting, and printmaking (I even taught drawing for a couple summers) -- are all part of the way I see, and create my photographs. I like diagonals, contrasts in textures, rich lighting, saturated color, and dramatic compositions. In my personal work, I have the opportunity to experiment freely. Let me know how you like the images! 

These images were made in the small town where I live.

Images 2008 Paul Chaplo, Architectural Photographer and Interior Design Photographer. 
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
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Above: Poston's Feed Mill
Format: 4x5 inch Film: Fuji color transparency film
Notes: this is a personal image that I made after an assignment. I was attracted to the metallic luster that was very reflective, yet had a soft feel to it, and the contrast of the metal against the sky. The initial impact of scale and volume was memorable. I hope this view communicates the character of these old containers.

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If you have an assignment that might utilize images created in this style, I would enjoy hearing from you. Also, if you have a creative concept that is difficult to execute, I will collaborate with you to realize your vision. Perhaps we could meet, discuss your idea, then shoot some smaller format film to serve as a reference point for fine-tuning the "look" before photographing with the 4X5 camera. 

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All images 2008 Paul Chaplo, Architectural Photographer. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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