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Petaling Jaya, Selangor "Architectural Photography of Metal Buildings and Building Materials." 
Metal Buildings by Paul Chaplo

Portfolio of Recent Architectural Photography

We are amazed at the almost limitless possibilities of metal buildings and metal building materials!  Metal buildings and are now designed with utilitarian function and a great architectural look. And using metal building components for roofs and other applications on conventional structures provides a durable solution, and the design and aesthetic appeal of these products has taken a quantum leap in quality. 

This portfolio features all new photographs of steel-framed metal buildings, and conventional buildings with metal components and building materials such as metal roofing. Most of these images have been published in color publications, websites, catalogs (or are about to be). We are 'believers' in the advantages of engineered metal buildings, in term of the design, production, and building process. Also, we are impressed with the advantages of using prefabricated components and new design technologies such as MBS. Metal buildings are very presentable when properly photographed, and we go to extremes to "get the shot." 

We match camera angle format, lenses, lighting, and film to present your metal building and product installations at their best. We mention building material photography because we are pros at photographing building materials in actual installations, and samples in the studio for catalog and brochure work. We have a track record of helping companies like yours to upgrade their image in marketing presentations. If your photography needs improvement to match the world-class buildings and products that you are designing and building -- we are set-up to help you achieve that goal with large format color photography and state-of-the-art graphic design for marketing publications. Call today to arrange a personalized portfolio viewing and a chance for us to learn more about your firm and your products.

We've been around the metal building industry -- won't it be nice to have a photographer who already knows the difference between a purlin and a tapered column? We know all about roll-forming and polyester coatings! We've been around construction and installation sites, and talked to plant workers, customers, and installers. We're sold on the advantages of metal and steel, and it shows in our images. We also offer aerial photography for great overviews of projects and their sites. Aerials really show how a projects sets in the context of the surrounding area. (Please call regarding FAA flight restrictions).

All images 2008 Paul Chaplo, Metal Building Architecture and Building Material  Photographer.
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Photographs 2008 Paul Chaplo  

Let us show you how large format photography can give your company the professional level of images that you need to show your buildings, actual projects/installations and building materials and products at their best. Paul Chaplo goes beyond photography with integrated imaging services including digital retouching, image optimization for websites, and a wide range of outputs to fit your needs. We help companies move from boring amateur snapshots to provocative professional photographs that capture their customer's attention and communicate the quality of your projects. We also create trade show collateral such as large-scale display images, and provide scans for publications. 

To see more steel and metal patio and pool installations, including sunrooms, lattices, covers and enclosures, please see our new pool and patio web page!


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All images 2008 Paul Chaplo, Architectural Photographer. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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