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The Most Highly-Trained, Accomplished
Architectural Photographer in the Dallas, Texas, and Ft. Worth, TX metroplex.

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PAUL CHAPLO Specializing in
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The only Dallas, TX area
architectural photographer
exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Modern Art, Washington D.C., and the Los Angeles Museum of Art wile still a College of Graphic Arts and Photography student at RIT.

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Paul Chaplo
Dallas, Texas


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Serving the Fort Worth, TX and Dallas, TX Metroplex with fine interior and exterior photography for architects, interior designers and other building professionals.









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- Paul Chaplo "Dallas, TX architectural photography and interior design photography specialists."


World-Class Experience, Training, and Exhibition Record

Paul Chaplo has completed over 200 assignments for Fortune 500 clients including Bausch & Lomb and Kodak. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with principals in world-class organizations to create effective visual corporate communications that combine creative vision and world class quality.

Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX U.S.A.
Philip Johnson & Alan Ritchie, Architects
Architectural Photography by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A., B.F.A., B.A.

"Paul Chaplo is our photographer of choice due to his uncompromising
commitment to quality, enthusiasm, and dedication to architectural
photography. Chaplo's architectural photographs are an integral part of our successful marketing efforts."
-- Mr. Christopher Huckabee, A.I.A., C.E.O., Huckabee, Inc. Fort Worth, TX

"Each Project that Paul has shot has exceeded our expectations. He has a genuine enthusiasm for his work, a drive for excellence that is refreshing to find and it shows in the quality of his work." 

-- Mr. Mike King, A.I.A., Architect & Principal, Huckabee Inc., Fort Worth, Texas

"Paul exhibited the type of creative flair necessary to produce top-quality work. He did so while remaining cognizant of time deadlines and cost constraints. He was extremely cooperative and, in general, a pleasure to do business with." 
-- Mr. Alan Dozier, Vice-President & General Manager, Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY

Member: A.I.A., D.A.I.A., T.S.A.
We proudly support the American Institute of Architects, the Dallas Chapter of the AIA, and the Texas Society of Architects as photographer - members. These are wonderful professional organizations for architects that we wholeheartedly endorse on the local, state, and national levels.

P.Chaplo at the Yarmouth Light by Anne Chaplo (c)2001
Paul Chaplo: On-location at the Yarmouth Light, 
Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia, Canada
Photo: ©2001 Anne Chaplo

"This is our 4x5 View Camera set up on the rugged North Atlantic Canadian shore.
After helping me lug our LF gear up a cliff and over the rocks, my sister, who assisted me on this session, snapped this shot as I peeled the first Polaroid of the day. The sun burned through the fog and illuminated the lighthouse with incredible light just as we prepared to shoot. It was a keeper!" - Paul
(See the final image below.)

Trained in the photography program rated #1 by U.S. News and World Report: R.I.T.
Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography: RIT
Rochester Institute of Technology
School of Photographic Arts & Sciences, College of Graphic Arts & Photography. Paul Chaplo was selected as the sole MFA-Photo AVI Graduate Fellow in his class, to do research at RIT's AVI Lab for interactive imaging technologies. While at RIT, Paul's work was chosen for the SONY/American Film Institute's "Visions of U.S." touring exhibition, which was judged by Francis Ford Coppola, amongst other dignitaries. Paul was also awarded a New York State Council on the Arts Grant to further pursue his vision in image making. He was the only photographer in his RIT graduate photography MFA class who earned these honors.

"... Paul's vision is most refreshing because it is an outstanding exception. 
I recommend him unconditionally."

Prof. Charles Werberig, Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Graphic Arts & Photography.

"... he was totally committed to his work and the fulfillment of his objectives. He is brilliant and was always among the top five percent of his class."
Dr. Martin Rennalls, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, RIT, College of Graphic Arts & Photography

Additional Graduate Research: S.U. 
Syracuse University
, Art Media Studies Program, Syracuse, New York. Additional graduate research in Interactive Computer Graphics, Photography & Film/Video. While matriculated at Syracuse University, Paul's work was chosen for the Ithaca Video Festival, a high profile venue with an international audience.

Dual Concurrent Baccalaureate Degrees: S.U.N.Y
State University of New York, Tyler School of Art, Oswego, New York:
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fine Art/Printmaking. See exhibition record below.
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music:  Magna cum laude. 

Yarmouth Lighthouse by Chaplo Architectural Photographers, Dallas, Texas, TX
"Yarmouth Light" by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.
Original: 4x5 -inch color transparency.

EXHIBITION RECORD: Primarily juried competitive group exhibitions ...

Current Exhibition:
A Vision from Above
Museum of Modern Art
, New York, NY
National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC
Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, IL
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA
Portland Art Museum, Portland, WA
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
The High School for Performing & Visual Arts, Houston, TX
Media Study Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
The Other Cinema, Syracuse, NY
The Pyramid Center, Rochester, NY
Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, NY
Lowe Art Gallery, Syracuse, NY
Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
(partial list)

International Society for Visual Sociology: Sociological Implications of New Imaging Technologies
. Representing the American Video Institute Research Laboratory as Graduate Research Fellow, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
National Endowment for the Arts/Young Filmmakers: Filmmaking Workshop Leader and Visiting Artist. The Art Guild, Oswego, New York
Summer Art Institute: Drawing Instructor. Program was held on the campus of the State University of New York at Oswego. Invited for second year with additional responsibilities.

Paul (r) and his sister, Anne-Marie
Nova Scotia, Canada
Sept. 2001

“Even as a photographer, I explore an architectural environment in the manner of both filmmaker and painter, with a sense of the interaction of viewpoints, volumes, light, and forms. I seek variety in textures and curvilinear /rectilinear shape contrasts, and dynamic diagonals -- striving to harmonize the conversion from three-dimensional object to two-dimensional image that is integral to architectural photography. My goal is to create images that document an architectural design in the most flattering manner possible by using perspective and ambient lighting to the best advantage, while going beyond just "recording" architecture to create unique photographic images that are strong enough to stand on their own -- as well-designed and finely-crafted images that long remain in the mind of the viewer.”              
Paul Chaplo, M.F.A, B.F.A., B.A.


All images ©2008 Paul Chaplo, Architectural Photographer. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Based near Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX metroplex. Serving all of Texas and beyond.

Member: American Institute of Architects, the Dallas Chapter of the A.I.A., and the Texas Society of Architects

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