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Paul Chaplo: raised in a USAF Family, loves to fly!

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Paul Chaplo, M.F.A., B.F.A., B.A. "Fort Worth and Dallas Texas aerial photography and construction photographers."

by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A., Professional Photographer

We specialize in low-altitude oblique aerial photography!

We bring the same quality to our aerial photography that we do to all our architectural photography: we take the time to scout the site, familiarize ourselves with your objectives, and create a custom flight plan that focuses on your project as the key objective. We plan for ideal lighting, visibility and altitude to show your building or site at its best! Our dedication to looking for the best conditions and angles makes our work stand head and shoulders above the rest. We are committed, full-time architectural photographers with a knack for great aerials. Also, as far as we know, we are the only photographers in our market who offer all formats including 4x5 inch aerial photography! See the Credentials page to learn more about Paul Chaplo's background and experience.

 Aerial Photography Dallas, TX by Paul Chaplo Aerial Photographer also Fort Worth, Texas

Mansfield High School, TX
Aerial Photography: Paul Chaplo
Technical: Medium Format Camera w/architectural optics

Here are some examples from our last week of aerial photography missions. We did our usual careful planning, picked the time of day that showed the project at its best, and followed-through with digital scanning services and post-production to make this flight a success! Chaplo is different than other aerial photographers: we plan our flight around your individual building or tract -- to present it in the best conditions specifically for that site -- rather than simply taking haphazard snapshots. You can see the quality in our images. We know how critical these images can be in presentations and proposals. Chaplo will help you look great with your visuals that are persuasive and expertly executed in every detail. 

Aerial Photography Dallas, TX by Paul Chaplo Aerial Photographer also Fort Worth, Texas

Chaplo provides world-class aerial architectural photography, construction progress series photography, and property photography that are professional caliber for your critical presentations, and for display in trade shows and corporate offices. Nothing shows the scope of a project, and your firm's successful track record on major contracts like the tremendous overview of our aerial photography.
Aerial Photography Dallas, TX by Paul Chaplo Aerial Photographer also Fort Worth, Texas

We most often use professional medium format equipment and professional fine grain film. Our lenses are world-class for clear, crisp, high resolution images that scan and print great! That bigger film size translates into big clear prints that represent your multi-million dollar projects with the quality that they deserve.  We take the time to get to know your site and objectives before we fly! If you need that specific angle to show context, location, and features, Chaplo will capture the view with accuracy and flair.

Aerial Photography Dallas, TX by Paul Chaplo Aerial Photographer also Fort Worth, Texas

Special rates are available for ongoing construction documentation to show your success at all building stages via multiple flights over the same project over time. Let us capture the drama of your new building project from ground breaking to ribbon-cutting!

Are Chaplo aerial photos sharp? Judge for yourself: 
Note the area in the outline that will be enlarged at high magnification.

We have conquered the three gremlins of aerial photography: blurring from aircraft motion, unclear images from engine vibration, and lack of resolution from small format film and inadequate optics in the lens system. Chaplo is a dedicated, highly technical aerial photographer. See the huge enlargement of the small section of the photo above into a full-frame photo below: (although you would never do this in real life, it illustrates the sharpness of our images - Paul) 

ABOVE: Resolution Test from a Recent Aerial Photography Mission
At high magnification, Chaplo aerial photographs reveal sharp, crisp detail. You can't get this from a regular camera and lens. We fly with a dedicated aerial camera and special optics designed for architecture. Our experience matches film, lighting conditions, and altitude to your project to create world-class images that show your work at its best. If you demand quality in your images that communicate quality in your buildings, development projects, and products, call Chaplo.

Visual proof that our aerials are superior for their ability to freeze the subject without vibration from the aircraft or chopper. Also, we have exact focus. If you need images that have the sharpness and resolution for dynamic marketing presentations, call Chaplo today. We know what we are doing when it comes to aerial photography as a result of years of intensive training at RIT, and years of Fortune 500 experience working with key decision makers in sales and marketing. We are not the guys that fly down the interstate taking photographs of every business in sight. We are dedicated, full time professional photographers that specialize in the photography of architecture, large scale products and installations, oil & gas facilities, and building products.

If you have an immediate need for aerials, please call our Metro number above, so that we can check our production schedule and work to accommodate your request.

-Paul Chaplo, M.F.A. 
Aerial Photographer

Chaplo: on the job. We shoot in the dirt, mud, sawdust ... you name it!

Bio: Paul Chaplo was raised around aircraft and grew up with aviation is his blood.
(b. Wright-Patterson A.F.B. and son of a USAF fighter pilot and test pilot.) Paul accompanied his father, a Certified Flight Instructor, on many civilian flights, and is now available for manning the cameras for your aerial photography missions. If you need a higher perspective for great overviews, let us help you get the shot in the bag using aerial photography. We also photograph new aircraft hangers and other airport construction including communications installations.

We also fly aerial location scouting missions for motion picture production. Whether you need stills of wide shots that show an overview of several large locations to make a decision, or aerial close-ups to provide details for planning scenes, we can provide fast turn-around and deliver in the format that is most convenient for you and your team. We can provide large mounted prints for production meetings (laminated for dry-write markers!), digital files for electronic collaboration (just let us know the res you need), and stills that make your life a little easier when it comes to finding that perfect location. Paul Chaplo has a background as a cameraman and editor -- and it shows in his stills. He knows motion picture production. Let Chaplo scout your locations from the air! Our aerial shots reveal details about locations that ground-based stills and outdated satellite imagery just can't match. Call our metro (972) number below! Rush service available.

by Paul Chaplo

The focus of this second part of the portfolio is industrial photography and construction documentation photography. Also, we provide aerial photography services. Our work comprises two areas: documentation of work in progress such as project construction, and a second area: photography of industrial facilities including plants, power stations, factories, oil & gas projects, shops and agricultural facilities. Although our home service area is the Dallas, Texas area, you can see below that we fly to other states when needed.

Paul Chaplo has successfully shot over five years' of industrial imagery for Fortune 500 clients, and knows how to work in active production areas. Also, we have photographed proprietary technology installations -- you will be pleased with our iron-clad non-disclosure integrity. We offer an available secure work-flow for protecting your trade secrets. Ask us about our capabilities if you have a need for protecting visual information. Traditional industrial photography is also available for illustrating company profiles, annual reports, advertising, insurance, and trade show exhibitions. Paul Chaplo has solutions for difficult industrial lighting environments that require color-correction and digital enhancement to produce an effective color photograph.

Construction photography is a great way to bring visual examples of project status into the board room. What better way to show owners the progress that you have achieved! Another effective application is our "before-and-after" photo package, which is outstanding for showcasing your site preparation, construction, renovation, fabrication, and installation achievements. Please call now to capture your project in the early stages, so that the visual contrast with the completed job can be documented with Paul Chaplo professional photography. We are at-home in construction zones!

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Vycor Ultra Building Materials Photography by Paul Chaplo c2002

We can travel to your locations worldwide, photograph your construction or industrial project, and FTP a digitally-retouched high-res file to you faster than you can say "digital photography." We exceed customer expectations! Give us a shot on your next job. Let us help you make that deadline. (Just click on the Contact link or email us!)


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Motion Picture Still Photographer and Location Scout

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